Establishment and development

TPV Company formerly known as Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Enterprise was established in 1965. In 1985, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Enterprise merged with Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Company and Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Company into a combined enterprise. Ha Son Binh Pharmaceutical.

In 1991, Ha Son Binh Pharmaceutical Complex was divided into Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Company and Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Company.

In 2000, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Company was transformed into a TPV Pharmaceutical Company under Decision No. 1911 / QD-UB of December 21, 2000 of the People's Committee of Ha Tay Province, with a charter capital of VND 8,410,800,000.

Since equitization, the company has increased its charter capital 3 times. Based on the business registration certificate No. 0303000015 registered for the first time on January 10, 2001 and amended for the 6th time on April 8, 2008, the company's charter capital increased to VND 41,226,020,000. The transaction name is TPV.

The main functions and duties of the company are: Manufacturing, Trading, Importing and exporting medicines, chemicals for making medicines, pharmaceutical materials and medical equipment and devices. With 40 years of experience, TPV is always a unit that fulfills its production and business tasks and targets of payment to the state budget, with a continuous high growth rate in the past 10 years.

People are the most important resource

For TPV, human resources play a vital role in the development of the company. Therefore, attracting, fostering and fostering talents is always the top concern of the company.

Being aware of this, the company leadership had the right and progressive personnel policies, creating a team of qualified and experienced management staff, young and dynamic technical staff. Well-trained workers. In recent years, the Company has attracted more than 80 university pharmacists for long-term service at the company.

Entering the fierce competition of the market economy, the company has realized the importance of properly orienting its existence and development:

1. All activities of the company are performed publicly, democratically, officials and employees are known, discussed and participated in the company's action programs.

2. Interested in building corporate culture. Focusing on creating an enthusiastic, efficient working environment where every employee can maximize their creativity, labor, and build a growing company.

3. Refine indirect apparatus, concentrate manpower for production and business. So far the indirect team of the company is really compact and works effectively.

4. Interested in scientific and technical work, giving priority to the research of new highly effective products.

5. Expanding cooperation, associating with external partners to learn, grasp the most advanced management and scientific and technical knowledge.

Investment strategy

The company is one of a few units that have invested and met the quality standards of GMP, GLP, GSP WHO.

Along with conducting quality management according to the above standards, we are constantly investing appropriately in workshops and modernizing machinery and equipment to improve productivity, product quality and production efficiency. In parallel with the expansion of production, we are constantly investing in the field of research, engineering, training of staff to improve and improve the quality and design of the product.

Outstanding achievements in the innovation period

Thanks to the right investment, TPV has achieved the results of business and production activities that have grown continuously for many years:

- "Vietnam Quality Award" in 2001 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. - "Vietnam Quality Award" in 2004 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. - "Golden Globe" in 2004 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Industry Gold Award - "Golden Lotus Cup" in 2004 by the Ministry of Science and Technology - Gold Cup "For the progress of society and sustainable development" in 2005 by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor Nam and Center for Cultural Entrepreneurs - The symbol of "Cultural Entrepreneur" by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and Center for Cultural Entrepreneurs awarded Director Le Van Lo, certified Entrepreneur title great.

- "Super strong brand trophy and sustainable development" in 2005 by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Ministry of Science and Technology.

- Gold cup "brand and trademark" in 2005.

- Award "ISO Gold Cup" in 2005.

- The title of "Labor Hero of the Renovation Period" in 2006. - Won the "Super Brand Super Strong and Sustainable Development" Award for the 3rd consecutive time in 2007

- 2008 Vietnam Gold Star Award and International Star Award for Quality in 2008 by the OMAC-Geneve Consulting and Management Association in 2008

- Award for Vietnamese Health 2009

- Award For the development of community culture in 2011

- Diabetes drug Bitabet reached the top 50 gold products - gold services voted by consumers in 2012

- Award for National Green Environment 2013

- Vietnam Medicine Star Award 2014

- Awarded Top 10 best brands in Vietnam in 2015

In addition, the company was awarded many gold medals and certificates of merit for product quality at fairs and exhibitions.


TPV Pharmaceutical Company achieved these achievements thanks to the guidance of the Ministry of Health, the Drug Administration, the Ha Tay Provincial Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, the Department of Health and other functional departments in the province. with the solidarity and striving of all officials and employees under the leadership of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors.